Children’s & Youth Services

Chartered in 1890, HopeTree offers quality care to children and youth throughout Virginia. As a private, nonprofit agency, our mission is to provide care for dependents needing placement services, and provide supportive services to families in need. Our purpose is to reconcile and strengthen the family when possible, or when appropriate, to help arrange suitable alternative care. HopeTree is a benevolent agency which provides placement services to private families regardless of their ability to pay.

Residential Care provides an environment which enhances the emotional, educational, physical, social, and spiritual development of each child.  Residents who remain in the program will learn independent living skills as they move toward graduation and adulthood.

HopeTree Academy is a licensed school located on the Salem campus which provides transitional educational services for residents on our campus.

HopeTree Clinical Services provides individual, group, and family counseling services for clients of our residential programs. Services are also offered to the community on an out-patient basis.

HopeTree also provides placement services through HopeTree Foster Care.  When possible, efforts are made to place appropriate children in our own trained foster homes.

HopeTree Wilderness Outdoor Opportunity Discovery School (WOODS) provides at-risk boys with long-term residential care through education and a non-traditional residential environment.