HopeTree Honor Roll

In Honor Of…

Making a contribution to HopeTree Family Services is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has touched your life, or to celebrate a milestone such as a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or graduation. Instead of buying a gift you’re not sure they’ll use, why not show them you care AND make a difference in someone’s life? We’ll send the person you choose to honor a card to let them know about the gift, and we’ll list their name on our website.

Click here to support HopeTree with a gift in honor of someone you care about.

In Memory Of…

There is no more fitting tribute to a loved one who has passed than to ensure that the people and causes they cared about continue to thrive. When you support HopeTree with a gift in memory of someone, it enables us to continue serving children and youth, as well as adults with intellectual disabilities. We’ll inform a member of the honoree’s family that you specify of the gift, and list their name on our website.

Click here to support HopeTree with a gift in remembrance of someone special.