Bledsoe Home Gathering

Last night, HopeTree said “Thank you” to some of the supporters and partners who made the Bledsoe Home on our Salem Campus a reality. Among the attendees were members of HopeTree’s Board of Trustees, supporters and partners, friends and family, and KOVAR, who presented HopeTree with a commemorative plaque and a grant to help us continue our work for those with intellectual disabilities.

As you may know, Bledsoe Home was completed in 2009, intended to be the first of two new DDM homes on campus. Thanks to the support of our partners and friends, it’s now home to six amazing women who lead healthy, active lives. The downturn in the economy may have delayed the construction of the second home, but with your support, we can make Blessings Home a reality in 2012.

If you’d like to see the Bledsoe Home, and get a feel for what the Blessings Home could look like with your support, contact David Wilson at 540-389-2112, or Special thanks to HopeTree DDM Staff and Schaal’s Catering and Events for helping to make the event a success.


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