Services Provided

Family Support
Individualized coaching and skill development for parents or other caregivers to develop and enhance parenting skills and capacities.

Therapeutic Visits (Coaching)
Monitored visitation for children and families while coaches provide training and guidance to family members during visits.

Supervised Visits (Monitored)
Monitored visitation for children and families in an on-site, home-like setting or in the community.

IL Coaching
Individualized coaching and essential life skill building for youth preparing for independence.

Who We Serve

  • Families involved with DSS, CPA, CPS, Foster Care, or Foster Care Prevention
  • Young adults preparing for independence
  • Youth in the Fostering Futures Program

What We Do

Relationships: Empower individuals and families to develop or enhance their natural support systems.
Resources: Educate and link individuals and families to community resources and support them in accessing those resources.
Resiliency: Assist families to develop competence and confidence to overcome future challenges.

Benefits of Service

  • Empowered families
  • Family reunification
  • Strengthened co-parenting and communication
  • Young adults equipped with essential life skills
  • Parents with increased skills and capacities