Horses Make Great Therapists!

Horses used in therapy sessions (equine-assisted psychotherapy) build relationships easily with clients of all ages. Non-judgmental and unbiased, horses provide excellent sources of comfort in sessions to help clients explore deeper feelings than they might be willing to in a traditional counseling setting.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy has several benefits when working with their clients. It helps teach self-control, increases clients self-esteem and problem solving skills, and verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The therapy also provides benefits to those suffering from grief and loss, depression and anxiety, as well as helping with eating and addiction disorders. Equine-assisted therapy is a powerful tool toward healing!

The HopeTree Horses Need Your Support

While equine-assisted psychotherapy provides excellent results for our clients, our horses need care themselves to ensure they feel their best. They require routine veterinarian care, medications, farrier services (horseshoes), on top of their basic needs of food, water, and shelter. Horses require specialized brushes and grooming equipment, and blankets to keep them warm during cold temperatures and rain. Additionally, keeping the barn, arena, and pasture areas can be costly due to normal use as well as weather concerns. Caring for horses can be expensive.

Help Us Help Our Horses.

For a donation of $5,000, you can ensure a horse has all the required equipment and services to provide top quality service for our clients.