Adopted April 2024


To establish consistency with volunteers at HopeTree Family Services to ensure the safety and confidentiality of individuals receiving services from HopeTree and to protect proprietary information. This policy does not refer to remote employees or employees from other company locations.

    Applicability & Scope

    • This policy and procedure apply to all HopeTree team members.
    • For the purposes of this policy, a volunteer is defined as a guest of fourteen years or older on company premises who voluntarily performs a task or service. Volunteers may give of their time on a regular, more consistent basis or they may choose to give of their time in more sporadic ways that fit their schedule. Volunteers may be individuals looking for an opportunity to contribute to HopeTree’s mission or volunteers may be part of an organization or group.


    • Minors will not be permitted to volunteer without a custodial adult or adult responsible for said minor through an organizational relationship.
    • The reward for volunteering is intrinsic and volunteers will not be paid for their service.
    • Volunteers may be required to show identification upon arrival. This is at management’s discretion, based on the nature of the volunteerism and potential for interacting with individuals served.
    • Volunteers are not permitted to transport individuals receiving services.
    • Volunteers are not permitted to fulfill staffing requirements and shall not perform responsibilities outlined within HopeTree’ Service Descriptions. Depending on the nature of a volunteer’s service, the volunteer may be required to undergo a brief but informative training on the nature of HopeTree’s services and the populations served to aid in their service. 
    • Volunteers must not misuse our internet connection, disclose confidential information, or access restricted areas. This includes accessing areas containing records of individuals receiving services or areas containing data related to the business (i.e. financial, marketing, business strategies, internal process, trade secrets, etc.).  Volunteers will only be permitted to connect to HopeTree’s guest wi-fi.
    • Volunteers who perform services or tasks within the Academy, on the Salem campus, or in/on premises of a residence (Therapeutic Group Homes or Developmental Disability Ministry homes) shall sign a Volunteer Waiver Agreement, acknowledging their responsibility in protecting the confidentiality of individuals served as well as protecting proprietary information. Employees hosting the volunteer should ensure understanding of the document and answer any questions the volunteer may have.  Employees who are unsure how to answer a volunteer’s question should contact a Program Director or a manager in Administration.
    • Individuals who volunteer and may be alone with clients shall be subject to the background check requirements set forth in the Code of Virginia. Evidence of this background check, along with required training related to interacting with the population served, shall be maintained with Human Resources.  HopeTree reserves the right to revoke volunteer privileges at any time should a volunteer fail to abide by its Volunteer Policy.


    • Volunteer activity will be coordinated through the Advancement Department. Agency staff must notify the Advancement Department if an individual(s) would like to volunteer with the agency.
    • The Advancement Department will obtain the contact information for the volunteer(s) and will send the individual(s) the Volunteer Waiver Agreement. The Volunteer Waiver Agreement must be signed and returned prior to volunteering with the agency. The Advancement Department will retain copies of the signed waivers.
    • The Advancement Department will notify and coordinate with Program Directors and/or Program Managers plans for volunteer activities; Program Directors and/or Program Managers are responsible for ensuring there are staff present to provide oversight and guidance when the volunteer(s) are present.
    • The Advancement Department will provide the Program Directors and/or Program Managers at the volunteer site a form for the volunteer to sign at the completion of the volunteer work completed. The Program Directors and/or Program Managers will return that form to the Advancement Department. The Advancement Department will maintain a record of all volunteer hours completed.
    • The Advancement Department will maintain a list of volunteers for future reference and agency correspondence.
    • The Advancement Department will forward potential volunteers, who may be alone with clients during their volunteer work, to the Human Resources Department for the execution of required background checks. Prior to any volunteer being alone with clients, background checks must be completed and received by Human Resources. Human Resources will notify both the volunteer and Program Director and/or Manager when the volunteer is eligible to begin volunteering.  The Human Resources Department will retain copies of the results of the background checks and repeat the background checks as necessary and required by the Code of Virginia.
    • All volunteers will receive information about the population and/or program where they will be volunteering.
    • Any volunteer(s) who may be alone with a client will receive training specific to the program and/or population with whom they will be working from the Program Director or designee.  
    • Notification will be made to the Advancement and Human Resources Department when a volunteer ends their volunteer activity with the agency.

    Policy Non-Compliance

    Failure to comply with the policy and procedure may, at the full discretion of the organization, result in disciplinary action, up to and possibly including termination of employment.

    Policy Exceptions

    HTFS does not intend to make any exceptions to this policy but reserves the right to do so or amend this policy at any time with or without notice for business reasons.