Respite Care

HopeTree recognizes that parents, siblings, and other family members are often the primary caregivers for adults with intellectual disabilities. While love never rests, sometimes the body and mind of a caregiver need a break before they can continue. HopeTree DDM offers temporary Respite Care in the form of retreats and camping experiences, including Camp Keaton, for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We also provide 24-hour respite care service on an as-needed basis and when space is available in our group homes. The individual receiving respite services joins the residents in the existing schedules and planned activities in the home.  Supports and assistance are provided as needed for the individual.  Respite Services also provide an opportunity for socialization opportunities between individuals receiving respite services and residents living in the home.  A respite visit can be as short as several hours or include an overnight stay.  Respite services covered by the MR Waiver can not exceed 480 hours in a calendar year.

For more information, or to request services, please call Linda Maness at 540-387-5024.