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HopeTree Family Services Group Homes provide 24-hour residential supports as well as teaching and coaching with life skills in homes that range in size from supporting four to eight individuals. Each person supported has their own bedroom. Some have their own bathrooms and others share a bathroom. Most individuals HopeTree Family Services supports in our Group Homes setting are transitioning from living at home with their family or movement from another licensed residential setting. HopeTree Family Services Group Homes are part of the continuum of residential services available within the Virginia Home and Community Based Waiver Services program.

Our Group Homes provide individuals we support with the opportunity to learn behavioral self management and also develop spiritual and critical life skills necessary to function as independently as possible within the immediate environment. Each person has an Individual Service Plan (ISP) developed with a person-centered focus. The ISP specifies goals and identifies a continuum of development in which projected progressive steps are outlined. Ongoing ISP reviews are conducted to ensure appropriateness of services and to aid the individual in becoming more independent in life skill areas.


HopeTree Family Services recognizes that parents/family/guardians play a vital role in overall progress and adjustment. Communication between the home and the family is maintained on an ongoing basis, to keep the family informed, and to ensure continuity of developed programs. Communication is a priority in providing services and promoting the best life for individuals we support.

In promoting a philosophy that is person centered, HopeTree Family Services recognizes our responsibility to assist individuals served by utilizing resources so they may live productive and fulfilling lives. The facility believes that each individual must be welcomed, celebrated and listened to, challenged and supported in every environment in order to develop his or her talents. Each individual’s contributions must be facilitated and supported through encouragement and self-awareness.


For more information, or to request services, please contact:

Kristen McPherson
Director of DDM
(540) 389-5468

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