Become a Foster Parent

We offer monthly Information sessions that gives you information about foster care in Virginia, how HopeTree’s services meet the youth and family needs, and how EVERYONE can play an important role in Fostering Hope in the life of a youth.   

What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect once you decide to start the process to become a foster parent with HopeTree: 

  1. Attend an information session Visit our events page to see when the next information session is scheduled to occur in your area. 
  2. Complete the application packet. You may download a copy of the application by viewing our Resources.  
  3. Attend training for foster parent certification. 
  4. Participate in and satisfy the requirements for the home study process, including reference checks and physical exams. 
  5. Collaborate with HopeTree staff to decide which type of youth you are most comfortable working with and to determine your strengths. 

Can I Become a Foster Parent?

You may become a foster parent if you are:   

  • Single or married and at least 21 years of age; if married, both spouses must be involved in all aspects of the program    
  • In good physical and mental health as indicated by a physician’s report     
  • Financially self-sufficient      
  • Cleared by background checks (Child Protective Services, Criminal History, and Driving Record)     
  • Comfortable serving in a Christian faith-based organization     
  • Willing to support the goal of healing families including a return to home primary goal, as possible  
  • Willing to attend an information session or visit    
  • Willing to complete the agency’s pre-service training to obtain foster parent knowledge and skills    
  • Able to pass home visits to ensure the home environment meets standards for safety, maintenance, and physical space     
  • Willing to provide four references 

Support Provided by HopeTree

Our Support:   

  • Youth matched with the foster family’s preferences and abilities    
  • Case management services for foster family and youth    
  • 24/7 on-call support    
  • Planned and emergency respite care      
  • Monthly foster parent training and support group    
  • Monthly financial assistance  

HopeTree provides Foster Care training and support in Salem, Martinsville, and the Richmond metro area. These offices serve as training locations and central sources of support and guidance for all those participating in the Foster Care program.

If you’re ready to get started and become a foster parent, please complete the: 

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

HopeTree Foster Care Team