Support Us Today

For almost 130 years, the generosity of individuals, churches, civic organizations, and alumni has allowed HopeTree to “grow hope for a better life” for the at-risk youth, and adults with intellectual disabilities, that we serve. Whether you give to HopeTree through an appeal, a capital campaign gift, an individual contribution, or with a planned gift, your support makes our work possible. Thank you.

There are many ways to support HopeTree and the work we do. Your tax-deductible gift can be tailored to support an individual ministry or the entire organization. We hope you’ll explore the many ways you can give we’ve outlined on this website, and consider making a gift to HopeTree. Contact the Advancement Department to learn more about how you can support the vital work that HopeTree is doing across the Commonwealth.

Volunteer Opportunities

HopeTree Family Services Programs and Departments have a need for volunteers throughout the year and for various tasks. Volunteers may come on a regular basis to provide activities to our youth or adults in care or to provide lawn care/landscaping around our homes and office buildings. Volunteer activities that have taken place have included horseback riding lessons, exercise classes, photography, pottery, assisting our residents in preparation for participation in Special Olympics, landscaping, and painting to name a few.

Depending on the volunteer activity, frequency, and need, it may be necessary for a volunteer to complete a Volunteer Application. This can be determined following a brief conversation with our Advancement Department. Interested volunteers are encouraged to contact our Advancement Department at (540) 389-2112 or by email at