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HRN Newsletter

The HopeTree Representative Network (HRN) Newsletter is sent to people who have chosen to represent HopeTree in their churches and communities. Check out our latest HRN Newsletter here.

Want to become an HRN? Please contact Donna Weinz or Chas Colley for more information (contact is below)


  • Pastor’s Packet – A guide for Pastors and other leaders. Includes, statistics, terms to use and avoid, and scripture that can be used when discussing foster care.
Chas Colley, Church & Community Relations Coordinator in the Western Region, representing HopeTree at Haymarket Day in 2019. 

For more information, or to request a visit
to your church, class, or group, please contact:

Donna Weinz
Director of Development

Chas Colley
Church & Community Relations Coordinator