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What is Therapeutic Foster Care?

Therapeutic Foster Care is a temporary arrangement in which approved caregivers open their hearts and home to provide safe, loving, and nurturing care for youth whose birth family are unable to care for them. Therapeutic foster parents receive specialized training and additional support services to care for youth who experience a variety of needs. These needs may include: emotional, behavioral, or social challenges, complex medical needs, physical or intellectual disabilities or who may have experienced multiple placements within the foster care system.

The HopeTree Therapeutic Foster Care Program has offices in the Salem, Richmond, and Martinsville. 

How is Therapeutic Foster Care different?

Therapeutic Foster Care is similar to traditional foster care in that trained foster parents provide a temporary safe and nurturing home to youth who are removed from their birth family.  Therapeutic foster parents receive additional support services and individualized training to help them meet the specific needs of the youth placed in their care. Our pre-service and ongoing training focus on developing therapeutic foster parent’s knowledge and skills to parent youth who have experienced trauma, grief, and disruptions in caregiving. 

Who We Serve

Why We Serve

HopeTree’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services to care for infant youth through age 21.  

The youth we serve often have complex needs that require more additional supports and services.

They often have experienced multiple placements within the foster care system and may be teenagers, siblings sets, or youth stepping down from a group home or residential treatment setting.  

    HopeTree believes in the healing power of relationships. Our goal is for every young person we serve to feel loved, safe, and have the support of a lifelong relationship through permanency. We are committed to helping reunite families separated through foster care by supporting them as they work to resolve the issues that resulted in their son or daughter entering foster care. When returning home or being placed with a relative is no longer an option, we work with the youth’s team to help them transition to an adoption placement or transition successfully to independence. We are committed to ensuring that every young person who is involved in the HopeTree Foster Care Program feels loved, supported, and valued and is connected to a caring, trusted adult.   

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